About Kirk Lashley

Chicago-based technology Entrepreneur and Software Engineer from Trinidad & Tobago.

Who dat?

Kirk is a new technology entrepreneur on the Chicago tech scene as of June 1, 2012.  With a Moleskine notebook full of ideas and problems to solve, Kirk is stepping away from the workplace to try to create something truly amaze along with hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs to create something amazing that is Built in Chicago.

Until May 31, 2012, Kirk was a Software Engineer at Parity Systems Limited in Evanston, IL. He spent the last 6 years working on application conversion from legacy AS/400 code and operations to rich web applications written using Java, Struts, HTML and XUL, and a mix of other technologies. Before that Kirk was a Development Engineer at the Real Time Systems Group at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago, where he developed edutainment applications and custom solutions for driving an online graduate degree program.

Since May, Kirk has joined Chicago's vibrant entrepreneural community, and increased his skills to includeLean methodologies, new languages such as Ruby and Scala, completed professional development courses at and worked on several startups in Chicagoland.

While not doing software development, you can find Kirk visiting family and friends in the far reaches of the globe, taking a hike in the South American rain forest or riding his bike along the Lake Michigan on the Chicago bike trails. If you're planning on coming over for lunch, give me a head's up, because I'm also a mean cook; well of curry channa and aloo, curry chicken, macaroni pie, callaloo etc. I love to cook, and it's one process that I don't want to automate.

Kirk is passionate about his Caribbean culture more than technology. Don't mind if I trail off into Trini parlance every now and again. Is jus' de way we does do it.

Now, what're you doing?

Building a production deployment environment to which I can easily deploy some future projects I have cooking. I'm automating this process as much as possible so that I can repeat it in an instant, and documenting this on the blog for other technology entrepreneurs who may want to follow along.

Where yuh going with all of this?

I have a lot of interests, so sometimes it might seem like I'm going everywhere at the same time. I guess to some people that might be confusing. Sometimes you might find me going off on an entrepreneurial slant or musing about applications for technology, or researching the pre-Columbian history of the Americas, answering questions on Stack Overflow or learning new technologies and software languages.

This all has a purpose. There is one problem that I'm trying to solve, and I can't do it alone. I want to figure out how to use technology to reduce the incidents and incentives of violent crime in the Caribbean and the rest of the developing world.